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Whoa, the farm is looking a bit messy on this sunny March day!  P1040716Large holes are being dug. Projects in the works! And nope, we haven’t been painting the “nursery” or putting up “childproof locks” on all the cabinet doors in the kitchen …

P1040718 We’re investing in the outdoor space here at Lena’s Herb Farm: adding water lines from the shop, to the herb garden and into the chicken coop/farm animal area. I’m still dreaming of goats.

P1040732This will make watering and tending to those little baby plants growing in the high tunnel (which is entering its THIRD SUMMER) so much easier. It is also adding dimension and livability to our outdoor space.

P1040735 We have a tiny house and are very happy with its size. We have always said, that in order to peacefully accommodate additional people (children): they will have to GO OUTSIDE.P1040728Go outside to play, to nap, to find privacy, to learn, to move, to snack, to live! P1040726Thus, rather than investing inside our tiny house, we’re “nesting” a bit differently here. We’re preparing our land to grow more plants, house more animals, and inspire more humans … P1040722I’m excited for this farm to accommodate not just our children and our family but you all as well! More and more the vision of Lena’s Herb Farm is to bring my local community in direct connection with these magic plants. Expect more farm tours this summer!

P1040719I’m very blessed to have a husband that knows how to operate these insane machines! It is actually captivating to watch. See the videos below.

P1040750He skillfully worked from sun up to sunset. P1040751I kept him company by greeting my waking herbs. P1040744Valerian wakes up red. Love that!P1040742Bee balm looks so cute an innocent right now but it is taking over the beds and spreading like crazy. Little rascal.P1040740This will be year two for this burdock plant. Expecting some awesome burrs this fall. P1040739I’m looking forward to adding some nettle into my pregnancy tea. I prefer to drink Nettle fresh and seasonally. I leave it out in winter and enjoy an alfalfa infusion instead.

P1040743As a vegetable gardener from the start, I am so grateful to these herbs. They come up looking bright and brilliant after a long winter. They require very little from me other than a few leaves picked out of their way and some casual chit chat. P1040733Look at this gorgeous Angelica! She was such a fragile baby plant (two years ago). Planted in very deficient soil and right next to all this crazy earth work. Not phased in the least.

Here’s a few videos from the action!




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This will be my most intimate post to date, buckle in!

I still don’t really “trust” the internet or fully understand how sharing these details with the world could possibly be safe or rational. But this morning, it occurred to me, that in telling my story and revealing my experiences, I am bravely engaging in the ongoing conversation about how to live life in bliss and peace. Which is, one of the primary purposes of this blog and of my existence.

So here’s the latest:

DSC_1639 (2)

My recent marriage to a most delightful, soulful, loving man has felt extremely private. Partly because we are actually shy people and partly because I have not been able to clearly explain my philosophical reasoning behind our choice to be married.


But here’s what I’ve got so far: Marriage is not only a commitment to an individual, but a brave step into a life dedicated to loyalty, compassion, and care for someone who was once a complete stranger. It is a promise to continually evolve and reflect so to be able to face the incredible and unpredictable challenges that will come your way, as a unit.

Yes, we are in the “honeymoon” phase you could say. But, like others, we have witnessed generations before struggle to celebrate, navigate, and  then “survive” marriage.  So as we made plans, we absorbed this bleak reality and decided to move forward. Thus making our step into a married life even bolder (that’s my opinion obviously).

DSC_1750 (2)

Our marriage was a choice to celebrate the tribe of people that have loved us and encouraged us throughout our lives. We are blessed with generous and supportive friends and family. We were humbled by their expressions of love during our wedding.


So why did I get married? Because it was a vote.  A vote that said I DO to my supportive community, to a life dedicated to the values and morals that will allow my husband and I to thrive, and most importantly, a vote to the magic and unbloggable power of love. These are things I believe in. This is where I want to put my energy.


And best of all, we’re up for the adventure. We’re CURIOUS about what’s to come.

DSC_1745 (2)

And so is our little kitty Moon!